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First Song "Release" OUT NOW

“Strings Of Light” is the Solo Acoustic Guitar Side Project of UK based sound therapy practitioner and musician Lawrence Libert, launched in January 2023 and signed to both Wellness Through Sound Records and Sky Valley Records. This musical project is in addition to the ambient soundscapes and contemporary New Age flute music released under his name "Lawrence Libert".


In "Strings Of Light", Lawrence revisits his love of Guitar. Continuing his mission to help people improve their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, this project will feature short, uplifting and relaxing guitar songs, which will hopefully be enjoyed by many across the world, with a focus on emotion, melody and harmony. Each song is inspired by either personal events in Lawrence’s life or beautiful places he has visited.

The first track of this project "Release" was released across streaming services on January 26th 2023 (click here to listen), with as many as 15 more releases planned for this year.


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