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Lawrence Libert is a British certified sound healing practitioner and musician who believes in the healing power of music and its positive effect in helping people to find peace of mind and manage their mental health. He turned to writing & producing new age music in early 2021 as a way to successfully overcome his own chronic stress & anxiety in a busy engineering career, and has since become a quickly growing artist in the genre, creating a mix of soft ambient atmospheric soundscapes through to relaxing Native American Flute (NAF) and acoustic guitar instrumentals, inspired by the beauty of nature and the planet Earth.


After releasing his first EP, “Beautiful Earth” in April 2021, Lawrence received UK FM Radio play and quickly grew a loyal following. He was invited by the production team of the popular meditation app “Insight Timer” to perform a live stream as part of “Earth Month 2021” to raise money to combat climate change as an official representative of the app. There, he performed his songs live amongst the likes of KT Tunstall and author Sarah Blondin.


Since then, Lawrence has collaborated with local qualified Yoga teachers and Holistic Therapists, playing his music Live in yoga/meditation centres to help people improve their mental / physical & emotional wellbeing.

In June 2022, he released his first full length Native American Inspired Flute Album. A 60 minute tranquil journey of sound and nature. This album is a tribute to Mother Earth and the Native communities of the United States. Since it's release, music from this album has been used in Spa's, Mental Health Centres, Homeless Shelters, Yoga studios and more.

Lawrence’s vision is to take relaxing new age music into a new era of sound and to find a sweet blend between the traditional new age genre and more modern pure meditative synth-based soundscapes and NAF/Guitar Instrumentals.

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